Designing Bank of Nature through fiduciary duty

Bank of Nature is part philosophy, part climate innovation, part finance reform and part instigator. We think really big — as big as the climate crisis.

A program of Cape Cod Center for Sustainability in Massachusetts, Bank of Nature defines the “Untaken Safer Alternative Path” toward a climate-secure future. It proposes a different climate hero than government or industry. Pension fiduciaries control tens of trillions globally. That’s money that has the mission, fiduciary duty and scale to address the climate crisis — but doesn’t yet. That’s money the scale of climate.

Stick with it. It’s super interesting, but you’ve got to dip a toe into (maybe) unfamiliar waters that shake up status quo thinking. #climatehope #fiduciaryeconomy

Here’s the theory: Defined Benefits pension plans are worth $26 trillion or 12% of the global money supply. That’s like the biggest piggybank in the world. It’s money with strings — fiduciary duties meant to protect the beneficiaries, who are in this case workers promised a pension sometime in the future. Because of the behemoth size of defined pension plans, compared to anything else on the planet, a change for them is a change for all of us. Pensions have unique powers to negotiate for better.

That’s the cashflow engine that turns Bank of Nature from a good idea into a real world steward of climate security with trillion-dollar customers.

Bank of Nature wants to point $26T at climate security because it is the fiduciary thing to do for beneficiaries — who will retire in a climate-changed future, made more dystopian by non fiduciary investments today by the people sworn to protect them. We fix it for pension beneficiaries, we fix it for everybody.


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Designing Bank of Nature, fiduciary finance and "a safer alternative path" toward the future. A mix of philosophy, finance, climate and law.


Ian is the founder of Bank of Nature, an environmental philosopher, a sustainability consultant, a student of fiduciary law, a writer and an advocate for economic change that accounts for nature.