Hi Ian - I've just watched your interview on Planet Critical and I really like the idea. I had several questions though that I would like to ask. I'm not and have never been in finance so it's possible that my ignorance of the sector is causing my lack of understanding. The questions I have are 1. Why would pension fund managers necessarily chose climate friendly businesses to invest in with the change of law? Are there not neutral investments that would also qualify? 2. The sort of investments that are needed for meeting climate objectives seem to be higher risk than such funds would normally go for, particularly if they were start ups or involved novel concepts such as the buying of multi-billion oil companies to redirect their business. 3. Assuming you succeed in Mass., how do you see this scaling up to reach the level of investment needed to make a real difference globally? These are questions I am genuinely interested in. Having retired recently, I have had more time to understand the peril we are in and economics seems to be a key area for sparking change generally. Look forward to understanding better!

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