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Nov 8, 2022Liked by Ian Edwards

Regarding this: "This is a big, new idea that addresses many conventions that we, everyone, take for granted as settled ideas when they really need a reboot/shake up." to attend to this: " Making accessible our big, new idea, like Bank of Nature’s engine, is my goal."

I think you need to invest time (a little resourcing even?) to finding the ideal analogy to communicate when in the past we have urgently needed such a reboot to escape a mega dead-end but established idea - the easy ones that come to mind for me are all from biology but will be linked to ideas of evolution/adaptation and so won't go down with the religious right. There must be some idea from human medical history (an old bad treatment now abandoned?) or an institutionalised piece of equipment or method that was widely accepted as good/useful but then rapidly wasn't (examples I first think of like spraying DDT or rubbing joints with DMSO are likely done somewhere and so also don't work). There will be a few good analogies out there that are familiar enough and apt enough to work and they will be the important hook to draw people in. But soooo much care of course has to be taken in finding the right one. ;-)

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